Distance and Time Measurement in Swimming Training

The UTURN G2 is the computer for your swimming training in the pool. Switch on and here we go. The training data are displayed at each turning on a large illuminated display.


The swim distance, the lap time, the average time and the total time are measured, stored and displayed automatically without pressing a key. Breaks are automatically detected and measured is only the effective swim time.


The sensor is clearly detected when turning on the display unit. Inaccuracies in the determination of distance and time measurement are therefore excluded.

All without pressing a button

Training data are displayed automatically without pressing a button during a break. Times, distances and statistics can easily be seen on the big screen one by one.

Easy Mounting

Can be mounted under or above the water surface, depending on the swimming and turning style with suction cup system on the pool wall.

Large backlit LCD display

Allows the convenient reading of the data while swimming even before the turn without having to look awkward on a watch.

Digital ID

Allows the correct function for several swimmers on the same track.

Training modes

Different training modes for recreational athletes and serious swimmers.

Faster Swim Times

Simply type your personal best time. The U•TURN calculates basic endurance 1 and basic endurance 2 speeds. The lengths of the intervals and pauses can also be programmed. With this information, the U•TURN creates different trainings. He tells you, which distances must be swum in what time.

Pool lengths

For pool lengths of 5 to 50 meters.

Easy to operate

The oparation is possible in several languages.

Swimming style independently

Collects data even when kicking or during single stroke training.


Calculates the laptime swum before reaching the turn and displays it at the turn.

Training data

The total time, fastest and slowest lap time, average time for 100m, and the total distance are saved for the last 8 trainings.


Guaranteed no fogging of the LCD display and therefore optimum readability.


Distance display in meters or in number of lengths.


Standard batteries can be replaced by yourself.


With the U-Turn App you always have the manual with you

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